Classes and Parties
                 Rainbow Joe Music Recording School

           Music creation lessons using Windows based software.
                                       Computers are provided.

Learn to select loops and samples of short music clips to create your own original songs.
Learn to create your own original beats from scratch.
Learn to add photos and titles to create fun music videos that can be burned to a cd or dvd.
Learn to create music files like mp3's.
Learn the different music sites to post your music.

                         Cost per 1 hour session $40
                        This is a 6 hour class. Total $240
                       Lessons held at local library or your home.
Rainbow Joe Music Performances / Workshops / Parties
                               What happens at a party?
1. My name, our names, nick names. I am jk, joe cool, rainbow joe, what's yours?
  Do you have a nick name? things like joe joe- joe joe joe
2. I play different flutes and then the thumb piano. mbira, kalima, thumb piano
3. The recycled water bottles filled with seeds are introduced and we play  different rhythms   
   like 123 1, -123 12, 123 123
4. The whole group plays everything that we have and we have a great time

          Fee  $ 150 for a one hour party, event,gathering.

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