Universal Peace Performance/Workshop Visit
Intro- What is The Universal Peace Journey?
Performance- Joe performs UPJ selections.
Workshop Introduction- Joe shares selections that will be used to create final
performance. Students are given a Cd with music excerpts and poetry guidelines.
Session 1
Session 2 and Session 3
Students create,share and develop performance pieces.
Session 4
Students and Joe discuss creative process and then share performance pieces.
when will we stop the scencelessness
when will we stop the madness
when we will finally walk in peace

Think about something that you feel
must stop or that is wrong.Write about
it in any style to get your main ideas on
paper.Next put your words into a poem or
lyric form.For example
We have to stop the abuse.
We got to stop the misuse.
It's time we changed.
It' time we changed.
We have to stop the killing.
It'really not that thrilling.
It's time we changed.
It's time we changed.

Beauty before me.
Beauty behind me.
Beauty below me.
Beauty all around me.
Beauty everywhere I go.

Use this simple but powerfull form to state
the things that you want in your life.

Music before me.
Music behind me.
Music below me.
Music all around me.
Music everywhere I go.

Why is the child crying?
Where is it's father?
Where is it's mother?
What happened to the child inside of you.

Write about your childhood.Things you were
allowed to do.Things you weren't allowed or
supposed to do.

City Blues City News
so many things going on in the city.
many many many many not so pretty.

Tell the story of your city.
What makes it special?
What things bother you about your town.