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Blessings Heaven introduces you
to this famous Afro-Robics
Bongo Step weight reduction
program. Afro-Robics Bongo Step
has a strong and powerful
message for all that have been
trying to lose weight the
traditional or conventional way
to no avail. At last, there
comes a workout idea that any
one can live with. Afro-Robics
BONGO STEP can put you to your
desired weight -goal without
uttering your life style or
budget. This concept in weight
reduction works.

Afro-Robics Bongo Step was
founded in 1998 when Blessings
Heaven recorded her first all
African Bongo/Congo percussion
CD. She developed the
Afro-Robics Bongo Step from a
concept she absorbed following
in the footsteps of her "dancer
mother". The Afro-Robics Bongo
Step is exciting and new. Its
mechanics brought Blessings
from a whopping size 24w, to
size 9 miss. And from her
former almost 300 pound weight
to 160 pounds she weighs now
and she is still going strong
in the right direction. Come on
and let us bongo!!!

Title: Afro-Robics Bongo Steps
Running time: 60 minutes
Format: DVD-R  
DVD Price: $19.99
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