Booking Info
For fastest booking  please include the below information.
Email to
Put booking joe  in the subject line of the email
1.Your name or group

2. Dates you wish for appearance

3. State the nature of the occasion

4. How many in the group

5. What is the age range of the group

6.What is the location of the event

7.State any special needs

8. How will payment be made
See you soon !!!!
Day Care performances are 45 minutes long.
Joe stays 15 more minutes to let students
look at his instruments,hats, masks and photos.

Day Care fee range is $200 -$250 local
Elementary School fee is $400/$550 local
for 1 or 2 performances or 3 to 5 classroom visits.
Elementary School fee is $550/$700 outside of D.C.area.
Same day teacher training add $200.
Same day after school performance add $150.