March 29, 2008  saturday 7:00pm-10:00pm


“ The Universal Peace Journey” by  Joe Kennedy Jr.

962 Wayne Ave ( next to copy connection)

Silver Spring MD 20910

Store’s Direct Line: 301-608-1924

RSVP: EarthLight Promotions LLC or 703-401-9663

saturday March 29th, 2008

7:00- 7:45pm Write your own Peace Poem

8:00- 9:00pm Interactive Musical Performance For Peace

9:00-10:00pm Create a Dance of Peace, Play, and Connect Together!


Join us as Musician Joe Kennedy Jr. (Nature Zen) Presents:

The Universal Peace Journey.
A search for peace using
sound, song, lyric and poem.

We ask the questions.
When will we stop the senselessness?
Why is the child crying?
Will our planet survive?
What can we do to save the planet?
When will we walk in peace?