What are the truths embedded in
the labyrinth?

Mu was rebirthed as Lemuria

Who are our Celestial relatives

What are the earth changes
what caused the extensive
development of the legendary
underground tunnel systems,
which do actually exist

The Atlanteans were a very
scientific and intellectual people,
with little regard for the natural
laws of cause and effect. The
Atlanteans were a Patriarchal
society, and the Lemurians were a
Matriarchal society,

attempts to harness the Earths
energies, at one point caused a
complete tear in the membrane of
the Earths atmosphere itself.  This
tare in the fragile living membrane
occurrence was much like the
ozone layer is behaving today, the
membrane was spreading of its
own accord, causing rips in the
time space continuum.   

when did the Elder Races realize
that certain events were going to
be inevitable

what is a wisdom counsel

the memories of untold millions of
beings throughout the Galaxy
could be totally wiped clean from
the Akashic Records.

What are the Akashic Records.

Some indicate the akashic records
are similar to a Cosmic or
collective consciousness. The
records have been referred to by
different names including the
Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind,
the collective unconscious, or the
collective subconscious. Others
think the akashic records make
clairvoyance and psychic
perception possible.

The council dispersed teachers
throughout the Native nations to
activate certain ancient
ceremonies. Where are those
teachers now?

What are the truths embedded in
the labyrinth?